Lavender Blue is proud to be one of the pioneers in developing take home meals that are frozen for your convenience. We have been developing our frozen line for over 15 years.

We offer a variety of meals, soups and desserts for your home or to send to a loved one. The Meals To-Go menu is in stock all the time so you just need to drop in or call to let us know when you might like to shop. We have specially curated Care Packages that are lovely to send for a new baby, a new home, a bereavement gift or just a “thinking of you” occasion- we will include a card with your sentiments and make a special delivery. You live far away? No problem, we can do etransfer and make you feel a little closer to the special people in your life!

 Add some items from our Fresh To- Go menu to round out your purchase. Available for delivery anytime, front doors are open for pick up Wednesday and Thursday 10-5 and we can make shopping appointments as well. Call us 519-939-3663